Dust 2

Your winnings
Item must be sold or requested within 24 hours.
my guns
Open case 0.30 $ Opening case.. Free test spin

Case contains

skin AK-47 AK-47
Safari Mesh
skin P2000 P2000
Amber Fade
skin M4A1-S M4A1-S
skin R8 Revolver R8 Revolver
Amber Fade
skin MAC-10 MAC-10
skin PP-Bizon PP-Bizon
skin Five-SeveN Five-SeveN
Orange Peel
skin SG 553 SG 553
Damascus Steel
skin P250 P250
Sand Dune
skin Sawed-Off Sawed-Off
Snake Camo
skin SCAR-20 SCAR-20
Sand Mesh
skin Nova Nova
skin P90 P90
Sand Spray
skin MP9 MP9
Sand Dashed
skin G3SG1 G3SG1
Desert Storm
skin Tec-9 Tec-9

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