About us

We are the global online service for opening CSGO cases. Our site has started its activity in august 2016. From that time, we have developed a reputation of serious and professional community that is offering to its clients favourable terms of collaboration, a wide array of choices and professional 24\7 service.

Every day people buy on our site about 40 000 cases and these figures are growing. According to statistic, every fifth spin on our site gives a profitable skin. There are about 5 000 TOP DROPS daily made by users on our site. Among them are about 100 AWP | Medusa, 100xKarambit | Marble Fade, 250xM9 Bayonet | Crimson Web which users are getting from our cases.

We are constantly providing different giveaways and specials for our customers, preparing most optimized cases with great numbers of TOP skins in them. You can join our communities in different social Medias where we are constantly informing our followers about all specials, offers, giveaways and other news.

Our reputation depends on your success and we are happy to be trusted by you. Join us to get greatest CSGO skins ever!

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